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Passenger decline continues in January 2021 at Vienna Airport: -90.5%

January 2021 Traffic Results: Passenger decline continues in the new year - 240,118 Passengers in the Flughafen-Wien Group and 198,295 at Vienna Airport –...

Vienna Airport Group registers 75% passenger decline in 2020, expects recovery in second half of 2021

Vaccination drive and testing strategy should enable healthy travel for everyone in 2021 – Vienna Airport expects recovery of flight traffic no later than...

Strong passenger decline at Vienna Airport (-92.4%) and its affiliates Malta (-91.9%) and Kosice (-93.3%) in November

November 2020 Traffic Results: 222,554 Passengers in the Flughafen Wien Group and 181,115 at Vienna Airport - Strong Passenger Decline of 92.4% in Vienna The...

Covid-19 crisis continues to massively burden the aviation sector: Flughafen Wien group handles 71.2% fewer passengers

Revenue down 56.9%, EBITDA decline of 80.1% but still positive at € 62.3 million, net Q1-3 earnings of minus € 41.3 million Drop in...

702,984 Passengers in the Flughafen Wien Group and 562,247 at Vienna Airport in September 2020 (20% of September 2019 figures)

Passenger traffic after the summer months declined slightly once again. In September 2020, passenger volume in the Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna Airport, Malta Airport...

Vienna Airport registers two-thirds fewer passengers in first half of 2020

Flughafen Wien Group in H1/2020: COVID-19 crisis severely burdens the aviation sector – Vienna Airport registers two-thirds fewer passengers, Group revenue down 51.2%, EBITDA...

June 2020 traffic results: 96.2% decline in the Flughafen Wien Group and 95.4% decrease at Vienna Airport

The resumption of regularly scheduled flights by several airlines led to a slight improvement of passenger volumes in June 2020. However, they are still...

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