News team

Introducing our news team

c8ddc0949452e053419cf54810c98be2André Orban

André is our number 1 news editor, he joined the website as one of the first back in 2001. And is since then the cornerstone of

Ivan Coninx

Ivan, passionate aviation professional, enthusiast & geek | Addicted to meteorology & physics | KMI BSSN member | Photographer | Coolest dad ever

994597_312211032257925_1440970922_nMaarten Van Den Driessche

Maarten aviation enthusiast and expert (check out his Facebook page: Quixoticguide)

Bart Noëth

Bart is the founder of the website, a very proud one since 2001 😉 Always looking for a new opportunity to attract new visitors to the website!