About Aviation24.be

Aviation24.be is an aviation website that publishes latest aviation news and press releases, three big categories are: airlines, airports and manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, …). The website also hosts a popular aviation forum with nearly 15,000 members and 338,000 messages posted1. Originally the website was called Luchtzak.bebut in September 2017 the name officially changed to Aviation24.be

In November 2001 the website started with only one page, designed in html. On 28 February 2003 a phpBB forum was added, in November 2014 the website got a new big overhaul by adding a wordpress news site.

Our 2018 targets:

  • growing our total page views with 20% to 6,000,000
  • growing our Facebook page (adding more page likes),
  • attracting more visitors via google search engine.

1 Statistics from 21 September 2017
2 Website formerly known as Luchtzak.be (Read the old about page)