About Aviation24.be

Aviation24.be is an aviation website that publishes latest aviation news and press releases, three big categories are: airlines, airports and manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, …). The website also hosts a popular aviation forum with +15,000 members and +350,000 messages posted (*). Originally the website was called Luchtzak.be (**) but in September 2017 the name officially changed to Aviation24.be

In November 2001 the website started with only one page, designed in html. On 28 February 2003 a phpBB forum was added, in November 2014 the website got a new big overhaul by adding a wordpress news site.

Our 2018 targets:

  • growing our total page views with 20% to 6,000,000
  • growing our Facebook page (adding more page likes),
  • attracting more visitors via google search engine.

(*) Statistics from November 2018
(**) Website formerly known as Luchtzak.be (Read the old about page)