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  • Latest aviation news and press releases.
  • +3,000,000 unique visitors per year (2019 statistics).
  • Around 750,000 page views per month.
  • A Facebook-page with 202,000+ followers.
  • Thriving community with 15,000 registered users, 368,000 messages.
  • A very targeted audience of males (80%) between 16 and 65 years of age who are interested in airlines, airports, travel and other aviation-related topics.
  • Visitors from Belgium, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany

* based on google analytics 2019 – facebook analysis


Static (non-rotating) text ads are possibly the best way to reach our broad yet targeted audience. Choose from the prominent front page “Sponsors” box or the site-wide footer chain.


Image banner advertising

The following banner types offers your organisation plenty of colorful space to pitch your product at an affordable rate.

  • 728px × 90px footer leaderboard
  • 250px x 250px square, perfectly shaped for our main page
  • 180px × 150px logo in the footer or sidebar of our website

We are happy to run your campaign. Banners may be targeted to specific portions of the site.



An advertisement in the form of editorial content by publishing an article on the main website, extra promotion on social media (Facebook – Twitter) can be requested.

Example: on 12 January 2018 VLM Airlines launched an advertorial on our site, 48 hours after publication the article has been read 2,000 times. 8,400 people where reached on Facebook.

Custom campaigns

Interested in something else? Let us know and we’ll try to make it happen!


Terms & Conditions


  • Payment for any advertising campaign on must be received in full prior to the start of the campaign.
  • All prices are quoted in euro € and payment must be made in euro € unless agreed upon otherwise.


  • Advertisements will not be accepted if they contain links to sites with:
    • Adult content (e.g. pornographic material, adult humor)
    • Illegal content (e.g. warez sites)
  • All advertisements will be screened by the staff and we reserve the right to reject any campaign that we find unsuitable for this site.
  • We do our best to follow Google’s policies regarding advertising and SEO. No advertising campaign should be targeted-toward or based-on pagerank misrepresentation or any other SEO scheme.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue/cancel a campaign at any time. In this case, you will receive a refund for the amount of time remaining on your campaign.

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