The cost of the derailment of Arlanda Express: “Hundreds of millions of kronor”


An Arlanda Express train derailed, resulting in significant costs and service disruptions. The CEO of Arlanda Express, Magnus Zetterberg, stated that over a kilometre of tracks needs to be replaced.

The train service will be suspended for at least a week, incurring expenses amounting to hundreds of millions of kronor (tens of millions of Ejuros). Efforts to remove the train from the tracks have commenced, and the cause of the derailment is yet to be determined.

Arlanda Express, responsible for the Arlanda Line’s infrastructure, will bear the entire cost.

Zetterberg emphasised that while this incident may raise concerns, the Swedish railway system, including Arlanda Express, is generally reliable, and passengers should feel safe.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority noted indications of track deficiencies during their examination.

Arlanda Express press release

All departures cancelled due to an accident

One of our trains derailed this morning on May 27 just south of Arlanda airport.

We are working closely with concerned authorities to map the situation and produce a forecast of when our service will be operational again. Currently, we estimate that will not operate any traffic in the coming 5-7 days. Information about the traffic situation will be updated continuously.

We refer to alternative means of transportation such as bus, taxi or own car until further notice.

Information about our travel conditions is found here: Travel conditions and booking regulation.


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