Runway maintenance at Stockholm Bromma 22 July – 4 August: air traffic moves to Arlanda


This summer, Swedavia is carrying out runway maintenance at Bromma Stockholm Airport. The airport will therefore be closed to air traffic between 22 July and 4 August 2024.

airport runway

Flight safety is the basis for everything at Swedavia, and maintenance work of various kinds is carried out on an ongoing basis to maintain a high level of flight safety at its airports. At Bromma Stockholm Airport, Swedavia is carrying out runway maintenance between 22 July and 4 August 2024. The airport will be completely closed to air traffic during these two weeks.

No flights will take off and land at the airport between 22 July and 4 August. Some regular air traffic is planned to be moved to Stockholm Arlanda Airport during the current weeks. If you are planning to travel during the current dates, please contact your airline for information on specific departures. Non-scheduled air traffic, including the ambulance flight, plans to move its traffic to Arlanda during the current dates.

If you are travelling with BRA to or from Stockholm during the current dates, go to BRA’s website for more information.


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