TUI Belgium stays away from red zones, even if they are no longer prohibited


TUI Belgium will not offer trips to red zones in the coming weeks, even though the Belgian government no longer prohibits travel to such zones from this Friday, while strongly advising against them.

Belgian Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin announced on Monday that Belgians will no longer be prohibited from going to red zones from Friday. However, it remains compulsory to get a Covid-19 test and to quarantine upon return from red zones.

Tour operator TUI will not immediately reactivate its offer, for example for Spain, which is almost entirely coloured red with the exception of a few Canary islands. “As long as this mandatory two-week quarantine continues for these regions, there is little point in launching an offer,” said TUI Belgium spokesman Piet Demeyere.

The tour operator still operates flights from Belgium to and from Alicante and Malaga in Spain but, according to Piet Demeyere, they are mainly used by Belgians who want to return home. There are no plans to expand these flights.

Source: Belga


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