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EU Aeronautics towards recovery and climate neutrality: A European Aviation and Aeronautics Recovery Plan should be set-up

On Wednesday 18 November, the 5th EU Aeronautics Conference gathered EU decision-makers and industrial representatives to discuss tools, decisions and actions needed at EU...

[Coronavirus] A4E welcomes European Parliament and Council’s decision to extend temporary airport slots waiver through 24 Oct. 

Europe’s airlines need additional government support measures to manage unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. A4E fully welcomes today’s decisive action by members of the European Parliament --...

Lufthansa promotes the European elections

  Custom “SayYesToEurope” livery on a Lufthansa Airbus A320 Lufthansa is sending a very special signal four weeks before the start of the European elections, taking...

EU-wide rules for safety of drones approved by European Parliament

MEPs backed new EU-wide rules to ensure the safe use of drones and to update aviation safety rules. Common safety level across EU Legal...

Drones: new EU-wide rules to boost safety and privacy agreed by European Parliament and Council

Drones and drone operators to be registered They will have to comply with EU safety and privacy criteria Safety plans to identify aviation...

Intercontinental flights to stay exempt from paying for CO2 emissions in the EU until 2020

  CO2 emissions from intercontinental flights to stay out of EU Emission Trading System until 2020 Airlines to go on paying  for CO2 emissions...

EU should revise Airport Directive to save European passengers hundreds of millions of euros

Revised airports legislation would save European passengers hundreds of millions of Euros Europe celebrates 25 years of Single Aviation Market with lower airline fares,...

Ryanair supports EU ‘European Capital of Tourism’ project, warns of Brexit & airport charge threats to rgional tourism

Ryanair today (11 Apr) hosted a round table discussion in the European Parliament aligning tourism and aviation policy agendas, where it announced its support...

European Parliament backs EU directive on use of Passenger Name Records (PNR)

   The new directive regulating the use of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data in the EU for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of...

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