[Pics] Brussels Airlines unites the world again at Tomorrowland – First flight from Oslo landed at Brussels

130 nationalities on board more than 350 flights After a two-year hiatus, Brussels Airlines is finally back to bringing nearly 25,000 festivalgoers of more than...

Six Belgian Icons of Brussels Airlines: Amare – Aerosmurf – Bruegel – Magritte – Rackham – Trident

2019 Bruegel (OO-SNE) 2018 Meet & greet with five Belgian Icons of Brussels Airlines 2018 Smurfs (OO-SND) 2017 Tomorrowland AMARE (OO-SNF) 2016 Trident (OO-SNA) and Magritte (OO-SNC) 2015 Rackham...

[Tomorrowland Winter] DJ Yves V creates special vibe onboard Brussels Airlines AMARE aircraft with smashing set

From 9 to 16 March 2019, Tomorrowland is holding a spin-off event at the Alpe d'Huez resort in France. During this week, the mountains...

Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 “Amare” returns to Brussels; smell in the cabin

On 21 December, a Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 (OO-SNF) with distinctive Amare livery operating flight SN3779 to Tenerife South Airport headed back to Brussels...

Brussels Airlines and the Tomorrowland festival unite the world in Belgium

For the seventh year in a row Brussels Airlines organizes party flights from all over the world to bring 11,571 festival goers to Tomorrowland...

Brussels Airlines ready for two weekends of Tomorrowland madness

For the sixth year in a row, Brussels Airlines flies thousands of festival goers from around the globe to Tomorrowland. This year, the 13th...

Scoop: After Trident (OO-SNA), Rackham (OO-SNB), Magritte (OO-SNC) and Amare (OO-SNF) Brussels Airlines will unveil its newest Belgian icon “Malinwa”

After Trident (OO-SNA), Rackham (OO-SNB), Magritte (OO-SNC) and Amare (OO-SNF), Brussels Airlines and KV Mechelen created Malinwa, the fifth aircraft (OO-SSW) in the airline’s Belgian Icons series. This evening Brussels Airlines... webteam meets Amare

This morning the webteam of and other fellow plane spotters were invited by Brussels Airlines to visit Amare. A sneak preview below, as...

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland create AMARE (OO-SNF)

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland created Amare, the fourth aircraft (OO-SNF) in the airline’s Belgian Icons series.  Starting on Friday 24 February, AMARE will be... latest trending