1,400 suitcases left behind at Brussels Airport due to insufficient capacity of baggage belt


More than one thousand Belgian holiday-goers had a bad start of the vacation today.

Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws reports this morning that, due to a capacity problem on one of the baggage belts between the check-in counters and the baggage room, some 1,400 passengers had to leave this morning without their bags. The over-loaded belt could not handle the large number of cases. The problem has since been resolved. The airport does everything it can to get the suitcases quickly to their destination.

The problem was found this morning,” says Nathalie Pierard, spokesperson for Brussels Airport. “The airport was crowded and one of the baggage belts that had to take the bags from check-in to the baggage room could not handle a too large number of suitcases. As a result, the check-in had to be done manually, with the result that some travellers had to leave without a suitcase.” In order not to delay flights, it was indeed decided to let aircraft leave without all the registered baggage.

In total 1,400 suitcases were left behind at the airport. “In the meantime, the problem has been solved,” Nathalie Pierard said. “We will now do everything we can to get the bags to their destination quickly. For most passengers that will be the case today, others may have to wait until tomorrow.”



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