TUI fly Belgium advances the launch of the winter offering to sunny destinations

TUI fly B737-700 OO-JAO

TUI, the leading tour operator in Belgium, is now launching a large part of its winter programme by offering air vacations to the most popular sunny destinations. Available much earlier than usual, this offer opens up new perspectives for travellers whose winter vacations have collapsed and who want to book early for the winter to come. This advance offer is also the ideal solution for customers still in possession of a 2020 Corona voucher who prefer to book later in the season, when major travel restrictions are lifted.

Today, TUI is launching part of its Sunshine Airplane Vacation package a month and a half ahead of schedule for next winter. From now on, travellers can make reservations for a departure until 10 January 2022 inclusive, so also for the All Saints and Christmas holidays. The current offer includes the most popular destinations: such as Cape Verde, the Canary Islands and the Costa Blanca (Spain), as well as Madeira (Portugal). Most hotels can already be booked and the offer is being expanded daily.

For TUI, two important reasons justify the early launch of this offer:

– In an online survey of TUI customers, 80% of people say they want to plan their next vacation as soon as possible. Many of them have had to cancel their winter vacations or postpone them for a year. They now have the opportunity to make concrete plans for the coming winter.

– Many travellers who still have a Corona voucher from 2020 want to use it as quickly as possible for a new reservation. For some of them, the idea of ​​an advanced vaccination is crucial to setting a vacation period. With a departure from the end of October, which marks the start of the winter season, these travellers feel more confident about the progress of vaccination in Belgium and at their destination.

The winter offering will be expanded in early May with destinations such as Egypt, Morocco, The Gambia and the Caribbean.


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