Discover the tests of the first set of the Liège tram!


The Liège tram is on the rails!

A few months ago, the dynamic tests of the first tram set started in the CAF factory in Zaragoza.

This tram set that will crisscross the “Cité Ardente” from Sclessin to Coronmeuse and Droixhe is now complete and out of the factory!

Following the phase of static tests (which make it possible to verify that everything works as planned), the dynamic tests began first in the CAF factory and now on a railway track located in Corella (Spain).

Discover a short extract of these tests carried out on battery at an average speed of 60 km/h. When the tram is put into service, the commercial speed of the tram will be on average 19 to 20 km/h.

In total, no less than 2 production lines, 50 assembly operators, 2,300 components, 100,000 parts, 40 types of cables and 40 kilometres of cables will make up the future Liège tram!


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