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Thursday 18 January 2018

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United Airlines sues a blogger who explains how to find cheaper airline tickets

Fox News reports that United Airlines and booking website Orbitz have launched a lawsuit against Aktarer Zaman, a young American founder of the Skiplagged.com...

Will there be a new Lufthansa livery in 2018?

A new livery for Lufthansa in 2018? The current livery of Lufthansa aircraft was introduced in 1988 and has not changed since. Since October 2017, there...


Are the three big Middle East carriers distorting the international aviation market ?

More and more organisations, airlines and experts in trade, economics and aviation have shown concern over the massive expansion of the three Middle East carriers Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways (ME3). The Partnership for Open & Fair Skies -a coalition composed of...