A parade of 22 helicopters will open the Brussels NATO Summit on Wednesday


Early Wednesday afternoon, 22 military helicopters from 13 NATO nations will fly over the new headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance during an air show marking the beginning of the Summit of allied Heads of State and Government, according to a military source.

The parade will be opened by five Belgian Agusta A109s and will also include Czech (Mi-24 or 35), French (one Tiger), German (one H145M, one NH90 and one Tiger), Danish (one EH101), Hungarian (one Mi-8 or Mi-17), Italian (one HH101), Polish (one W-3WA), Romanian (two IAR 330), Slovenian (one AS532), Turkish (two T129s), British (one Lynx) and American (one UH-60) helicopters, in total 22 aircraft. These helicopters will leave the base of Beauvechain, where the first ones have already arrived on Monday.

Last year already, the “special meeting” of allied leaders organised for the first visit to Europe by US President Donald Trump and the inauguration of NATO’s new headquarters opened with the fly-by of 26 combat aircraft of eight countries, of which Belgium had taken the lead.


  1. The crew from the Romanian Air Force wants to let you know that there are two IAR 330 participating at the NATO flyby.


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