Greenpeace Belgium : No billion euros bailout for airlines without conditions


The international environment protection association Greenpeace Belgium, Transport & Environment and Carbon Market Watch, says that “to give money without any social or climate guarantees is no option.” Greenpeace requests the end of short-haul flights.

Greenpeace Belgium says that the European aviation industry needs at least €12.8 billion as state support, “without any social or environment significative engagement, linked with bailouts“.

The 20 largest European airlines made at least €33 billion in profits during the last 5 years, without paying a lot of taxes on fuel or VAT on tickets. Aviation is one of the industries whose greenhouse gases increased the fastest during recent years. Airlines can’t wait to receive money from the states when there are tough times and at the same time, they do not pay taxes when times are favourable.”

Greenpeace says that “every financial help should be used first to support workers and afterwards throw the bases of a fair and ecological transition with investment plans in environmental-friendly alternatives, such as a day and night train European network, ferries and more affordable public transport.” The environmental-friendly association request the ban of short-distance flights if a less than 6-hours train journey or a night train exist.

Greenpeace says that trade unions, together with the industry, have to organise and plan a controlled decrease with a social dialogue to ensure that climate efforts signed at COP21 in 2015 become reality.

The Belgian association linked with Bond Beter Leefmilieu, Zomer Zonder Vliegen and Inter-Environment Wallonie, to write a document sent to Belgian politicians on the matter (in French and in Dutch).

COVID-19 crisis happened at a time when the aviation industry gas emissions had never been higher. Helping workers is crucial. However, financing without conditions a polluting industry will not create a resilient society in view of the current crisis or climate change.”


  1. Why not give to airlines how much they paid in taxes and voila? Done deal. Next time, we’ll see how eager they will be to pay the same amount of taxes as the rest. In the meantime, in the US, more than 77% of employment comes from small businesses. More than 80% of the GDP comes from small to mid-size businesses. Let’s start to weigh in our priorities. I’m in the aviation business but not to the point of bringing down other parts of the already fragile economy. Just a thought.

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