President Trump unveils his livery for the new Air Force One


More than a year after announcing a $3.9 billion makeover for America’s most famous aircraft, President Donald Trump shared never-before-seen images of Air Force One’s prospective redesign on Wednesday during an exclusive interview with ABC News.

Here is your new Air Force One,” President Trump said, “and I am doing it for other presidents, not for me.

© ABCnews

The new aircraft is scheduled to arrive in 2024, the exterior would possibly get a make-over with a new red, white and blue paint scheme. A departure from the iconic blue and white.

© Bart Van Oudenhove

It remains to be seen that the new livery will be approved as recently, members of the House Armed Services Committee inserted language into a draft version of the annual defense policy bill, or National Defense Authorization Act, for the upcoming 2020 Fiscal Year, which would block changes to the paint scheme, as well as the interior design, without Congressional approval.



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