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Wishing our readers all the best for 2020

Aviation24.be would like to wish its readers a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, bright, delightful, mind-blowing, energetic but for sure an extremely aviation-tastic 2020 !!!!!...

Aviation24.be’s top 10 stories of 2019

As the year — and the decade — come to a close, we thought we’d round up our 10 most popular articles of 2019....

New Year’s day: a nice opportunity to dig into some 2018 statistics ;-) 

 14,984 forum messagesLast year, nearly 15,000 messages were posted in our forums. Next to discussions about nearly all aspects of aviation, large sections are also...

Aviation24.be’s top 10 stories of 2018

Fast approaching 2019, a nice opportunity to publish our top 10 news stories of 2018.  https://www.aviation24.be/military-aircraft/belgian-air-component/air-force-f-16-destroyed-maintenance-collateral-damage-second/https://www.aviation24.be/manufacturers/embraer/embraer-erj-190lr-from-alverca-airport-declared-a-mayday-with-loss-of-instruments/https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/air-canada/boeing-787-8-montreal-tokyo-wrong-taxiway-landing-stuck-five-hours/https://www.aviation24.be/website/facebook/fake-video-beijing-capital-airlines-airbus-a320-accident-reached-6m-views-facebook/https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/united-airlines/dog-dies-after-united-airlines-flight-attendant-forces-passenger-to-put-her-kennel-in-the-overhead-compartment/https://www.aviation24.be/defunct-airlines/primera-air/breaking-primera-air-nordic-and-primera-air-scandinavia-will-file-for-bankruptcy-tomorrow/https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/lufthansa/will-new-livery-lufthansa-2018/https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/air-france-klm-group/air-france/to-reduce-airbus-a380-fleet/https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/sichuan-airlines/airbus-a319-windshield-separation-rapid-decompression-and-emergency-descent/https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/brussels-airlines/brussels-airlines-cancels-many-flights-operated-by-cityjet-with-sukhoi-superjet-100-aircraft/

Aviation24’s “Brussels Airlines’ fleet renewal” forum topic has reached one million page views

 On 29 August, one of the endless aviation24.be forum topics reached a staggering 1,000,000 views: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal, originally created by forum member RoMax back in 2010.Originally,...

2017 in statistics

End of the year: now is a great opportunity to look back at the website statistics and to set a few targets for 2018...

sn26567 reaches an astonishing record with 30,000 forum messages!

2 years ago (5th of January 2015) we proudly announced the incredible milestone on luchtzak.be: André Orban, alias sn26567 posted a total of 25,000 messages...

Most popular forum topics for 2016

Let's start with our popular trio of sticky topics, returning every year:Abnormalities in BRU-ANR-CRL-LGG-OST in 2016 (read 74,000+ times) Trivia 2016 (miscellaneous news) (read 61,000+...

UEFA Champions League matchday 4, how many air miles referees collect ?

This week I was watching the UEFA Champions League football games, in particular the Manchester City game against Barcelona, won by Kevin De Bruyne...

2015 Airline and Airport punctuality statistics

CNN has just published the airline and airport punctuality statistics for 2015, based on OAG data.Not surprisingly, the Japanese airports and airlines score very...
André Orban reaches 25.000

Incredible milestone for André Orban: 25,000 forum posts

Today - Monday 5th of January 2015- we have reached an incredible milestone on www.luchtzak.be: André Orban, alias sn26567 posted a total of 25,000 messages...

Top 10 most popular topics in 2014

And the end of the year it's always nice to look back at it, these 2 tables give you a clear look what has...

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