2017 in statistics


End of the year: now is a great opportunity to look back at the website statistics and to set a few targets for 2018 😉


Yes indeed! 5 million page views in 2017, a new yearly record. A growth of 23 % compared to 2016 or … just under 1,000,000 extra page views!

Aviation24.be chief editor André Orban said: “Ever since the website was founded in November 2001 under the name luchtzak.be, it has constantly evolved to remain a leading information source on Belgian and international aviation. Our multi-disciplined news team has been enlarged and has moved towards more professionalism, although the driving force of the team remains unlimited enthusiasm for all what concerns aviation, be it leisure, commercial or military. Large sections are also devoted to plane spotting and to forum discussions. From a technical point of view, the initial one-page format has now almost become an encyclopedia.”

Aviation24.be news editor Ivan Coninx said: “People keep finding the website even after the name change. Aviation24.be keeps on bringing the latest aviation news to its audience first and its visitors clearly appreciate it. In addition to the general public, a lot of people in the aviation industry come and visit the website.

Webmaster and founder Bart Noëth added: “We have reached 5 million page views in 2017 and that’s a new record, we have grown almost 23% compared to 2016 or an additional 1 million page views. I hope we can grow page views by 20%, how about 6,000,000 page views in 2018? 😉

Our IT specialist Bram Botterman (who is also an experienced plane spotter) added: “We have made some server improvements so we can handle the high load of traffic to the website. When an article goes viral on social media, the server remains in good shape!


The number of people that liked our Facebook page! We like!!


The number of messages that have been posted in our forums, a growth of 11 % compared to 2016. Let’s continue on that!


The amount of times visitors of the website have clicked on the active topics button, to check new forum topic replies. An increase by 14% compared to last year 😀 Extra: 61,546 clicks on the new posts link.

Top 5 articles of 2017 (by total page views)

The long arm of the law was in motion at Buenos Aires: Air France crew detained after passenger complains “not receiving her upgrade” 86,458
Airbus immediately responded to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner sky art drawing 69,548
A fire in the cabin of a Qatar Airways A321 completely destroys aircraft 28,790
Ryanair pilots go on “white strike”, with big delays in perspective 14,847
On a flight from Chicago to Brussels, a passenger gave birth to a healthy baby boy 12,690

Aviation24.be audience insights

  • nearly 50% of the visitors come from Belgium
  • 45% of our readership visited our website for the first time, 55% come back regularly to check our news
  • 33% of users are browsing via Google Chrome
  • 42% of the time, a mobile phone was used to read an article


All this would not be possible without the collective work of the many contributors to this website:

  • The news team: André Orban, Bart Noëth, Ivan Conincx, Maarten Van den Driessche, Bram Botterman
  • The global moderators: Kapitein, KriVa, Stij, tangolima
  • The plane spotting team: airbuske, Bruspotter, sdbelgium, speedbird1
  • And you, our readers and participants in the forums. Without an audience, the website wouldn’t exist!


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