New Year’s day: a nice opportunity to dig into some 2018 statistics ;-) 

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14,984 forum messages

Last year, nearly 15,000 messages were posted in our forums. Next to discussions about nearly all aspects of aviation, large sections are also devoted to plane spotting.

45,581 Facebook followers

In 2018, 30,000 new people followed us on Facebook, still growing!

2,828,587 news site views

Our aviation news articles have resulted in nearly 3 million views, an increase of 31.5% compared to 2017. Our most popular article that was published in 2018 was the Belgian Air Force F-16 destroyed by fire during maintenance (116,000 views).

Belgian Air Force F-16 destroyed by fire during maintenance – Collateral damage on second F-16

1,048,483 different visitors

In 2018, over 1 million different people visited, an increase of 31.06% compared to last year. You can fill 1,703 Emirates Airline Airbus A380’s or 5,541 Ryanair Boeing 737’s with one million passengers.

5,837,742 page views

A growth of 15.88% compared to 2017! I’d loved to reach 6,000,000 by the end of the year, but still happy with it. Goal for 2019: adding another 20% to reach 7,000,000 😉

A zillion times thank you !!!

All this would not be possible without the collective work of the many contributors to this website:

  • The news team: André Orban, Bart Noëth, Ivan Conincx, Maarten Van den Driessche, Bram Botterman
  • The global moderators: Kapitein, KriVa, Stij, tangolima
  • The plane spotting team: airbuske, Bruspotter, Marcoz, sdbelgium, speedbird1
  • And you, our readers and participants in the forums. Without an audience, the website wouldn’t exist!

Best wishes for 2019 !!!

Source: Yearly statistics – Monthly page views


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