Incredible milestone for André Orban: 25,000 forum posts


Today – Monday 5th of January 2015- we have reached an incredible milestone on André Orban, alias sn26567 posted a total of 25,000 messages in our forums!!!

André Orban reaches 25,000
André Orban reaches 25,000

To reach this milestone André started posting back in 2003, with an average of 5.75 posts per day. If we would remove his posts, will lose 8.44% of all posts.

We placed a counter to zero on the main page, yet nobody of our members guessed the celebration 😉

Congratulations to André, comment below or in this topic!!


  1. Wow! I’m flabbergasted…

    If anybody had asked me, I would have been unable to say how many messages I had posted on Luchtzak. I must say that being a moderator imposes some “unwanted” messages as well!

    Ready for the 50,000 now!


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