Most popular forum topics for 2016


Let’s start with our popular trio of sticky topics, returning every year:

Sadly enough the March 22 terror attacks in Belgium top our most read forum article: Reopening Brussels Airport after the 22/03/2016 terror attacks with 120,000 views.

Brussels Airlines (Brussels Airlines future and financial perspective (368,000+ views) – Brussels Airlines’ fleet renewal (almost 600,000 reads), Ryanair in 2016 (60,000 views) and VLM Airlines news 2016 (reaching 80,000 views)

And of course our BRU Summer 2016: news, new routes, airlines & BRU Winter 2015/2016: latest news, routes, airlines  topics (66,000 and 44,000 views)

Finally the largest number of topics has been started in the Planespotting forums with the daily Belgian airport updates!


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