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Anchorage Airport (ANC)

Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 freighter veers from runway after landing Ningbo Airport, China

On 6 August, a Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 freighter (registered N401KZ) operated flight K4968 between Anchorage Airport, United States and Ningbo Lishe Airport, China....

China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F crashes into baggage carts during taxi at Chicago O’Hare Airport

On 29 January, a China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F (registered B-18715) sustained damage when it collided with a series of baggage carts while taxiing...

Ethiopian Cargo launches trans-Pacific cargo flight services from Seoul (Korea) to Atlanta via Anchorage (US)

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services has launched Trans-Pacific routes, extending from Seoul Incheon to Atlanta via Anchorage effective 09 Nov 2020. Ethiopian operates B777-200F,...

Anchorage airport closed for bomb alert, forcing the An-225 Mriya (among others) to divert

Anchorage, Alaska, one of the world’s busiest cargo airports, has been closed this Saturday 2 May in the morning for a bomb threat towards...

Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 freighter repatriates U.S. citizens from Wuhan, China

On 29 January, a Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 freighter operated a very special "cargo" flight to evacuate 201 American citizens from Wuhan, China. The...

Naked passenger turns Alaska Airlines plane back to airport #AS146

Airport police said "An Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage to Seattle was diverted back to Anchorage early Wednesday due to a naked passenger on...

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