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Almost 600 kilos of cocaine intercepted in Suriname plane with destination Amsterdam

Suriname's Combating International Drugs team (BID team) seized 593 kilograms of cocaine in 17 boxes from a Surinam Airways (SLM) plane departing from Paramaribo...

Former Air Belgium A340 operates first commercial flight for new operator Surinam Airways

Surinam Airways today operated its first commercial flight from Amsterdam to Paramaribo with the 'new' Airbus A340-300, named Pride of Suriname and registered PZ-TCW.The...

Surinam Airways cancels several flights to/from Amsterdam

Surinam Airways has cancelled its Paramaribo-Amsterdam-Paramaribo flights (PY993/4) on 1, 2, 3 ànd 6 July "for operational reasons", to the dismay of scores of...

Air Belgium to fly again for Surinam Airways

Air Belgium will fly for Surinam Airways with its Airbus A340-313 registered OO-ABA, from Amsterdam to Paramaribo as from 3 April until at least...

Surinam Airways’ only Airbus A340 has been grounded for weeks now

© Maarten Van Den DriesscheFor weeks now, Surinam Airways isn't able to operate its only Airbus A340 (PZ-TCR) between Amsterdam Schiphol and Paramaribo,...

Surinam Airways: “Our continuity is not in danger!”

Some reports that have recently appeared in the press about Surinam Airways, appear as if this company, of which the State of Suriname is...

Air Belgium’s first commercial flight on 29 March: Amsterdam-Paramaribo on behalf of Surinam Airways

Both Flightradar24 and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol mention on their websites that the Surinam Airways flight PY993 from Amsterdam to Paramaribo will be operated by Air Belgium's...

Surinam Airways returns twice to Amsterdam Schiphol after flaps issues

A flaps problem on this Surinam Airways Airbus A340-313 registered PZ-TCR from Amsterdam to Paramaribo, forcing the pilots to return twice to Amsterdam Schiphol!...

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