Surinam Airways: “Our continuity is not in danger!”

© Maarten Van Den Driessche

Some reports that have recently appeared in the press about Surinam Airways, appear as if this company, of which the State of Suriname is the sole shareholder, will cease to exist in the short term.

Our “National carrier” is a small company with a small number of aircraft. Together with the aviation authority, the security of the operation is guaranteed and nothing is left to chance.

Surinam Airways carefully selects the aircraft in its fleet. Messages such as if an airplane had been chosen whose manuals are missing, testify to incompetence or slander.

The appearance of an indebted debt of tens of millions as “the sword of Damocles” hanging over the head of the SLM can also be referred to the realm of fables.

Surinam Airways has a negative balance because of losses in the past, but this debt is for the most part a claim of the shareholder, who is very responsible for this.

In order to improve the balance sheet position of Surinam Airways, the shareholder is currently discussing converting this debt to a subordinated debt or share premium reserve.

The fact that Surinam Airways is faced with the big challenge of operating profitably in the short or medium term without subsidy from the government is a fait accompli.

For this, the necessary steps have been taken by the shareholder, which must be further elaborated and implemented by the Supervisory Board, the management and the personnel of Surinam Airways.

The shareholder has full confidence that this company will be able to take the measures to ensure the continuity of the operation.


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