Traffic at Frankfurt Airport disrupted; two piers in Terminal 1 evacuated; 7,000 Lufthansa passengers affected by cancellations


The German Federal Police has been evacuating two piers at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1, piers A and Z.

Part of a terminal at Frankfurt Airport in Germany was evacuated after someone got past security into the boarding areas, police said.

Federal police stopped boarding at part of the airport’s Terminal 1 and evacuated part of the security area.

“As a result of this measure, flight disruptions can be expected. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight,” the airport announced.

Police spokeswoman Julia Thiel said they believed an unauthorised person with a child passed through the security area and disappeared.

Passengers described scenes of “confusion” as they were evacuated from the terminal.

Two hours later the alert was lifted and the terminal back into operation.

Hereunder you will find the official communication by Lufthansa, which has its main hub at Frankfurt Airport

  • 07-AUG-2018

Police operation leads to delays and flight cancellations at Frankfurt Airport

  • The German Federal Police stopped boarding and evacuated the security areas A and Z in Terminal 1 
  • Around 7,000 Lufthansa passengers were affected by flight cancellations
  • 2,000 hotel rooms have been reserved for tonight as a precautionary measure

Due to a police operation at Frankfurt Airport, there are delays and flight cancellations on flights to and from Frankfurt today. After several persons passed through the security area without being controlled, the German Federal Police ordered a boarding stop in the security areas A and Z of Terminal 1 as well as an evacuation of these areas. The areas B and C of the terminal were not affected. After about two and a half hours, at 2:30 p.m. the stop was lifted.

Lufthansa is doing everything to minimize the unavoidable impact of the police measures on its passengers. Nevertheless, delays and individual cancellations may occur as a result of the operation and the effects will continue into the evening hours. Furthermore, some flights had to leave Frankfurt without transporting passengers in order to reposition aircraft and crews at departure airports outside of Frankfurt as quickly as possible to stabilize the flight schedule. Around 7,000 Lufthansa passengers are currently affected by the flight cancellations.

Lufthansa passengers are requested to check the status of their flight on before departing. Passengers who have provided contact details will be actively notified of changes by SMS or e-mail. Passengers holding a ticket for a flight from or to Frankfurt with a flight date of 7 August may change their reservation once free of charge to a flight until 14 August 2018. As a precautionary measure, Lufthansa has booked 2,000 hotel rooms for tonight.


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