Ju-Air wants to resume flights again in August


The operating company of Ju-Air would like to resume its flights, after the crash of a Ju-52 in canton Graubünden on Saturday. Currently grounded, its two remaining aircraft are expected to take off again in August.

This is what Christian Gartmann, spokesman for Ju-Air, told Radio SRF. “There will be no flights until August 16, but activities will resume by the 17th,” he said. Ju-Air had stopped its flights on its own after the crash. Initially, the company stated that its planes would fly again once the circumstances of the accident are better known. The activities should now resume about two weeks after the disaster, “as long as there are no questions about flight safety by then,” said Gartmann. The crash of Saturday, which claimed 20 lives, is the most serious air crash in Switzerland in recent years. The aircraft that crashed on the west side of Piz Segnas was a Junkers Ju-52-type collector aircraft, better known as “Aunt Ju”.

BERN 07/08/2018 14:49 (ATS)


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