Brussels Airport sets new all-time record with more than 25 million passengers in 2018

© Edwin Vanoverschelde

Just one year after the all-time record of 24.7 million passengers, Brussels Airport is about to set a new record: next Friday, the airport will exceed the 25 million mark. The airport will celebrate with passengers when they are checking in. 

Pop-cakes and music at the departures level of the terminal. A concert, dance demonstrations and other festivities will also be on the agenda for the first day of Christmas Holidays. Indeed, next Friday around 79,000 passengers are expected at Zaventem, also the busiest day of December.

Previous records

  • 2017: 24.8 million passengers
  • 2015: 23.5 million passengers
  • 2014: 21.9 million passengers
  • 2016: 21.8 million passengers
  • 2000: 21.6 million passengers
  • 1999: 20.0 million passengers

(after the Sabena demise in 2001, the airport needed until 2014 to break the 2000 record)

Brussels Airport attributes this record to the considerable expansion of its network, particularly in Asia. Next to the strong increase of intercontinental traffic, short-haul traffic has also shown a big expansion.


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