RwandAir adapts its Brussels schedule to avoid visa problems in the UK


Since the inception of the RwandAir flights from Kigali (KGL) to Brussels (BRU), the return flights were operated via London Gatwick (LGW). Passengers from Brussels to Kigali thus needed a transit visa for the United Kingdom if they were not citizens of an EEA country.

This way of operating resulted in very poor load factors: at the moment the KGL-BRU leg has a load factor of around 5-10%. KGL-LGW is around 15% and from BRU to KGL it is between 0 and 3%.

RwandAir has taken a drastic measure to improve the load factor on its flights to Brussels and London Gatwick: from the beginning of the winter season, the return flight from London Gatwick will also stop in Brussels. Instead of a triangular flight KGL-BRU-LGW-KGL, the route will become KGL-BRU-LGW and LGW-BRU-KGL. Passengers to Kigali boarding at Brussels will no longer need a UK transit visa.

The new schedule for the winter season is as follows:

WB700 KGL 08:10 – 15:50 BRU 17:10 – 17:25 LGW   A330 -2-4—
WB700 KGL 08:40 – 16:20 BRU 17:15 – 17:30 LGW   A330 —-5–

WB701 LGW 18:35 – 21:00 BRU 21:40 – 07:00+1 KGL A330 -2-4—
WB701 LGW 19:00 – 21:30 BRU 22:10 – 07:30+1 KGL A330 —-5–

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