Qantas asks its executives to replace the baggage handlers


To replace its baggage handlers, the Australian airline Qantas has launched an emergency appeal to its executives. At least 100 people are wanted to deal with the lack of ground staff, the airline’s chief operating officer Colin Hughes said in an internal memo.

Executives ready to roll up their sleeves “will be trained” to integrate Sydney and Melbourne airports, in particular, to sort, scan and transport baggage. This call for volunteers comes as the Australian company decided after Covid-19 to lay off its ground staff – nearly 1,600 people – and then go through a subcontractor. This outsourcing decision was deemed illegal by a court but Qantas has announced that it is appealing.

The Australian company has faced numerous flight cancellations, delays, queues and lost luggage. A situation that has largely damaged the image of the group, which still enjoyed an excellent reputation in the world.


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