The largest union of Brussels Airlines, ACV/CNE Puls, excluded from the discussions about the “Reboot” plan


On 16 January, the ACV/CNE Puls union delegates were informed by Brussels Airlines that they were not welcome on 20 January at the meeting between the airline management and the two other unions about the “Reboot” plan, which is supposed to improve profitability through a drastic reduction of costs.

For ground staff, Reboot should be implemented through voluntary departures, which ACV/CNE considers as a way to circumvent the legal so-called “Renault procedure” applicable in case of lay-offs of a large number of employees. The Renault procedure requires a social plan and indemnities.

Contrarily to the two other unions, ACV/CSE doesn’t accept the non-application of the Renault procedure. Therefore, it was not invited to further discussions, where only unions which don’t criticise Reboot are apparently welcome.

Furthermore, ACV/CNE has realised that its name had been withdrawn from the CLA (collective labour agreement) with the pilots, although the union had duly signed this agreement. Unacceptable, says the union.

ACV/CNE wants social dialogue to be resumed immediately without preliminary conditions.

Brussels Airlines management replies that nobody was excluded from the discussions. AC/CNE excluded itself by disagreeing with the voluntary departures plan and requiring a collective lay-off plan. The airline pursues constructive discussions with the two unions which accept the Reboot plan.




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