Korean Air finalises order for 33 Airbus A350s


In a significant move that underscores Korean Air’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence, the airline has finalized a firm order for 33 aircraft from the Airbus A350 Family. This strategic decision, encompassing 27 A350-1000s and six A350-900s, heralds a new era of efficiency and expanded reach for one of Asia’s leading carriers.

The A350 Family, renowned for offering the longest range among contemporary aircraft, presents Korean Air with unparalleled opportunities to optimize its intercontinental routes. With a remarkable 25% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions compared to previous-generation aircraft, the A350 promises not only economic advantages but also environmental stewardship. This aligns perfectly with Korean Air’s vision for sustainable aviation, a key priority in an era marked by heightened awareness of climate change.

Jason Yoo, Chief Safety and Operating Officer and EVP at Korean Air, emphasized the A350’s attributes as a game-changer for the airline’s global network. “The A350’s exceptional range, fuel efficiency, and passenger comfort make it a great fit for our operations,” stated Yoo. He expressed confidence that integrating the A350 into their fleet would enhance operational efficiencies and elevate the overall travel experience for passengers, further solidifying Korean Air’s position as a premier airline in the industry.

Benoit de Saint Exupéry, EVP Sales, Commercial Aircraft, Airbus, echoed this sentiment, highlighting Korean Air’s endorsement of the A350 as a testament to its status as the world’s long-range leader. With the A350, Korean Air stands to reap the benefits of enhanced operational efficiency, with significantly reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Furthermore, the aircraft’s advanced capabilities will enable the carrier to explore new long-haul destinations, expanding its global footprint and catering to evolving passenger preferences.

Saint Exupéry also emphasized the potential for Korean Air to leverage the A350 as a platform to elevate its in-flight product and service offerings. As airlines increasingly compete to differentiate themselves through superior customer experiences, the A350’s spacious cabin and cutting-edge amenities present Korean Air with an opportunity to set new standards for passenger satisfaction.

In expressing gratitude for Korean Air’s continued confidence in Airbus and its products, Saint Exupéry underscored the anticipation surrounding the A350’s integration into the carrier’s fleet. With its iconic livery adorning the A350, Korean Air is poised to redefine long-haul travel, marrying innovation with a commitment to excellence.

The partnership between Korean Air and Airbus signifies a shared commitment to driving the aviation industry forward, embracing technological advancements, and prioritizing sustainability. As Korean Air prepares to usher in a new era with the A350, passengers can look forward to enhanced connectivity, comfort, and environmental responsibility on their journeys across the globe.


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