Fiji Airways Airbus A350 damaged in alleged hit-and-run incident at LAX


In an incident at Los Angeles Airport (LAX), a Fiji Airways Airbus A350-900 aircraft (registered DQ-FAI) sustained significant damage to its right outer elevator after allegedly being struck by an Asiana Airlines A380. The incident, which occurred on March 27th, has raised concerns about safety protocols and awareness among pilots.

According to reports, the Fiji Airways A350 was parked at a remote stand at the time of the collision, and fortunately, no passengers or crew were onboard the aircraft. However, the impact resulted in visible damage to the tail section of the A350.

What’s particularly concerning about this incident is the alleged hit-and-run nature of it. It’s reported that the Asiana A380 continued its journey to Korea without acknowledging or possibly even noticing the collision. This raises questions about the vigilance and responsibility of pilots, as well as the effectiveness of monitoring systems that should detect such incidents.

Fiji Airways promptly addressed the incident, reassuring its passengers that no guests or crew were harmed. However, the airline anticipates delays in its services over the next few days as a result of the damage sustained by the aircraft. Passengers affected by these changes will be notified promptly of any alterations to their travel plans.


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