Unruly drunk passenger urinates on aircraft floor on KM Malta Airlines’ maiden voyage


On the inaugural day of service for KM Malta Airlines, a disruptive incident unfolded high above the clouds as a 49-year-old passenger, Andreas Heinze, indulged in a regrettable act of defiance. Ignoring the instructions of the cabin crew, Heinze chose to relieve himself on the floor of the aircraft, leading to his subsequent arrest and court appearance.

The incident occurred during a flight from Berlin, Germany to Malta when Heinze, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, disregarded the illuminated seat-belt sign and demanded access to the restroom. Despite being advised to wait for safety reasons, Heinze’s refusal escalated into aggression, prompting the crew to allocate him a seat near the restroom and assure him of timely access.

However, Heinze’s impatience got the better of him, as he opted to urinate on the carpeted floor instead. Witnesses recounted his feeble attempt to conceal his actions, albeit unsuccessfully, as nearby passengers observed his misbehavior. Upon landing in Malta, Heinze was promptly apprehended and later confirmed to be intoxicated upon medical evaluation.

Acknowledging his wrongdoing, Heinze pleaded guilty before the court, expressing remorse for his actions. In light of his admission and with consensus from both defense and prosecution, Magistrate Joseph Gatt delivered a suspended three-month jail term, cautioning Heinze against future transgressions. Noting Heinze’s impending birthday and extended stay in Malta, Magistrate Gatt issued a stern warning, urging him to tread the path of rectitude to evade incarceration.


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