Trade union describes British Airways’ mass sacking as a “heartless decision” and a “stab in the back” of a dedicated workforce


Reacting to the announcement by British Airways that it is to make 12,000 staff redundant, the leader of British and Irish aviation union, Unite, said that this was a “heartless decision”and entirely at odds with the course of action followed by our European competitors as they seek a way through the coronavirus crisis.

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey said: “This devastating announcement comes on the day that British Airways (BA) staff joined together to lay to rest one of their own, a long-standing and much loved cabin crew member who tragically died from the coronavirus contracted while carrying out his duties bringing home loved ones from overseas to reunite concerned families.  This announcement will be felt as the stab in the back it undoubtedly is by the close knit BA family. 

“We say to BA’s boss Alex Cruz that this is a heartless decision in a time of national crisis. With the majority of BA’s workers on furlough, we would have expected him to work with both us and the government to honour the spirit of the government’s job retention scheme.

 “Governments across Europe, in Spain, Germany and France are working with trade unions and airlines to rebuild back better, keeping people in work while the sector recovers.  We simply cannot understand as to why Alex Cruz is not doing the same, unless he has sought an opportunity to see other airlines fail, so that BA can profit.  

 “To reject government support but then expect their own staff to pay the cost of such a misjudgement, is irresponsible, dangerous and destructive and is utterly at odds with the mood of the country at a time of crisis.

“Creating unemployment is a conscious choice by an employer, not an inevitability.  

 “This workforce has worked tirelessly, heroically and unnoticed throughout this crisis, in dangerous circumstances on the global transport frontline. A repatriation flight is without doubt rife with  risk with the potential exposure of airline crew and staff. In recent weeks, they have played their part, with many volunteering for rescue flights, regardless of their own safety and often with little or no PPE equipment to help distressed UK citizens come home to their loved ones. 

“They simply do not deserve to be treated as a commodity to be disposed of in this way.  Unite values their sacrifice, as do the families that they have brought together and can be assured that their union will not tolerate this indecent mistreatment of these brave men and women.

“This industry must pull together or many more working people will suffer the same fate as these 12,000 BA workers.”


  1. It’s disgusting with wiley Walcott is doing this through inferior employment contracts, and the IAG is taking UK Taxpayers money whist it sits on 3 Billion cash reserve and recently secured quaranteed loans from the Spanish Government, and the massive pay rise you had on his wwage plus the amount of shares he has both have so many 00000 after the £ sign , and flying our flag take our flag back, he says he used Ritch company’s he has no cargo planes. He has just had two 777 in middle of May made into Cargo planes done in Cardiff , we need to take him to court and them to lock him up and get our £300 Billon Back with his money You need the Best Barristerd in our Country , we are all behind you , now Rolls Roast, have jumped on the band wagan, all the money his partner in crime lost with the computer system a while ago , Billons, nothing happend to him but we again tax payers pay for every thing , Lock him up, meeting with transport all he did was sit on his hands couldn’t answer 29 timed he said it’s Constation .Do your best pls, he been doing things like this for a few years, got new cheap crew and where you had a Capin Service Director, there called Superviors . He won’t all those on old contract to go on New Contracts which will half there wage, Wiley and Crews his partner, should to time, Please get the Goverment to take back BA every one in the world knows our Flag ship ???? Mrs Brook.


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