Passenger’s leg broken in turbulence during Air New Zealand flight from Bali to Auckland


A German-born passenger on Air New Zealand’s flight NZ65 from Denpasar to Auckland (Boeing 787-9 reg. ZK-NZC) on 16 April suffered a severe leg injury just 30 minutes into the seven-hour flight when the aircraft encountered turbulence.

Despite enduring excruciating pain for over six hours, the passenger received limited medical assistance on board. Upon landing in Auckland, paramedics treated the passenger, who was later transported to Middlemore Hospital with a fractured tibia and fibula.

The incident underscores the risks associated with turbulence during flights and raises questions about onboard medical support and emergency protocols. This event follows a recent incident involving a LATAM Airlines flight experiencing technical problems and turbulence, highlighting the importance of passenger safety and potential liability issues for airlines in such situations.


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