Air Corsica plans to make Brussels South Charleroi a year round destination


In an interview to L’Aérien,  Hervé Pierret, the CEO of Air Corsica, discussed the results of summer 2017 and talked about the outlook for 2018.

The Corsican airline, which has put in place a three-year development plan, looks to the north of Europe to expand its network as it prepares to strengthen its fleet with an additional Airbus A320.

Asked whether the new Charleroi routes opened for this summer season give satisfaction, Hervé Pierret answered:

For Charleroi, we had to add more flights. We had an 85% load factor at the beginning, in March. It increased to 92% in September. To explain such a success, as elsewhere, we have put forward our all-inclusive offer. These are routes that appeal to Belgian customers and their French, Dutch and Luxembourg neighbours.

Based on these results, we plan to make this destination year round. In 2018, Charleroi will be served from the end of March to November. Then it will become an year round service from March 2019.


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