BCUBE Air Cargo Belgium, a new key player at Ostend-Bruges Airport


Multinational company BCUBE, operating in integrated logistics services for the Supply Chain Management will deploy at Ostend-Bruges Airport. The company will launch warehouse and ramp handling services at the airport with the goal to develop new business for the airport, taking advantage of the great potential of the facility and its geographical location. 

After the loss of our largest cargo operator, back in 2014/2015, 60 people lost their jobs,” Marcel Buelens, CEO of Ostend-Bruges airport said, “I promised these people that I would do everything in my power to one day bring back cargo to the level it used to be.” That search started in 2017, focusing on three main elements to let the airport grow: passenger services, general aviation and cargo.

With the arrival of BCUBE Aircargo Belgium, we have our cargo game changer,” Buelens proudly announced, “I am very happy to be able to have fulfilled this promise and I am so proud to introduce BCUBE Aircargo Belgium. A world-class organization with whom we hope to put Flanders International Airport Ostend-Bruges back on the worldwide aircargo map.

Reliability is the key to success and expansion for an airport. We are very happy with the arrival of BCUBE Air Cargo Belgium in Ostend. From my professional past I am familiar with BCUBE and I can formally confirm that they are known for their high quality and professional services. Cargo handling is not an easy business, it requires a lot of technicality, competences, flexibility and organizational talent, both in warehousing and for the handling of cargo planes. That is why BCUBE is working hard to attract the strong workforce within the Ostend region. But in addition to the economic boost that the revival of the cargo will bring, Ostend-Bruges Airport will very soon once again be on the map of many large international airlines. West Flanders is known for its reliable, hard-working and motivated workforce. This, in combination with a strong brand such as BCUBE, will undoubtedly lead to a success story. We strongly believe in this project.

Eddy Myngheer – Business Unit Manager Ostend-Bruges Airport

Bcube Air Cargo Belgium is a subsidiary of Bcube Air Cargo and will be a new referring point in Ostend Airport for the European aircargo market. We are launching warehouse and ramp handling services at Ostend Airport with the goal to develop new business for the airport, taking advantage of the great potential of the facility and its geographical location. Services will be provided c/o apron 1 in a 4.000 sq.m. warehouse recently renovated and fully equipped. Brand new Ground Support Equipment (GSE) will be deployed for the project. We are ready for new challanges in the air logistic sector!

Mauro Grisafi – General Manager BCUBE Air Cargo

Bcube Air Cargo figures in Italy:

  • 330,000 tons of cargo
  • 18,000 tons of mail
  • 900 staff
  • 100 scheduled airlines
  • 3,300 freighter movements handled (ramp handling)


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