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Uproar on Ryanair flight to Tel Aviv when stewardess called the destination country Palestine

During a Ryanair flight from Bologna, Italy to Tel Aviv, a stewardess caused an uproar by repeatedly announcing over the Public Address system that...

Malta Air (Ryanair) Boeing 737-800 suffers bird strike during approach Bologna Airport

On 24 November, a Malta Air (operating for Ryanair) Boeing 737-800 (registered 9H-QDG) operated flight FR1194 between London Stansted, United Kingdom, and  Bologna, Italy....

Emirates restarts flights to Budapest, Bologna, Lyon, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, expanding European network to 31 destinations

Emirates has announced it will resume flights to Budapest (from 21 October), Bologna (1st November), Dusseldorf (1st November), Hamburg (1st November) and Lyon (4th...

HiSky Moldova signs a lease agreement with Air Lease Corporation for an Airbus A320, launches on 1 July

HiSky, a Moldovian startup airline, signed an agreement with Air Lease Corporation, to lease an Airbus A320 to start operations.The startup carrier signed a...

Florence Airport not loaded into SAS Airbus A319; decision to operate to Bologna Airport

On 11 April, pilots of SAS flight SK2961 were entering all required flight information into the MCDU (Mulifunction Control Display Unit) of their Airbus...

Two TUI fly Belgium Boeing 737 MAX to be ferried to Brussels Airport today

Today, two TUI fly Belgium Boeing 737 MAX aircraft (OO-MAX - OO-TMA) will be ferried back to Brussels Airport, TUI spokesman Piet Demeyere confirmed...

Finnair to add three new leisure routes for next summer: Porto, Bologna and Bordeaux

Further strengthening its summer holiday offering for leisure customers, Finnair will open three new routes to Bologna, Bordeaux and Porto for the peak summer...

Jet Class CJ3 off the runway at Bologna airport, airport closed

From Bologna airport twitter: A Jet Class CJ3 went off the runway landing at Bologna Airport. The 2 pilots are unharmed. No passengers on...

Cool movie: Lamborghini Huracán chased by Emirates Boeing 777

Lamborghini posted a cool movie about a Lamborghini Huracán chased by an Emirates Boeing 777, Bologna Airport is the proud user  of this very special follow-me...

This is cool: Lamborghini Huracan follow-me car at Bologna Airport

Until end of January a Lamborghini Huracan follow-me car will guide aircraft at Bologna airport. Lamborghini's headquarters are located near Bologna, a good display of...

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