Florence Airport not loaded into SAS Airbus A319; decision to operate to Bologna Airport


On 11 April, pilots of SAS flight SK2961 were entering all required flight information into the MCDU (Mulifunction Control Display Unit) of their Airbus A319 (OY-KBT) for a trip between Copenhagen and Florence, Italy. The pilots, however, discovered that the airport of Florence wasn’t loaded into the system meaning it was impossible for them to land there. 

After a delay of around 1 h 15 minutes, the flight finally took off from Copenhagen Airport but not to Florence: the decision was made to fly to Bologna, about 100 km from Florence. Passengers were then brought to Florence by bus. “Safety is always our first priority. During preparations by the gate it was discovered that the flight route information was missing. We took the decision to operate to Bologna in order to get the passengers to their destination as soon as possible,” the airline said.

Eventually, the return flight arrived in Copenhagen with a delay of more than two hours.


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