Norwegian airports Oslo and Bergen could be hit by strike


The Norwegian airports at Gardermoen (Oslo) and Flesland (Bergen) could face a strike on Monday if mediation in the aviation agreement does not succeed.

The parties involved, Fellesforbundet (The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions) and NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise), met with the national mediator on Saturday. They have a deadline until midnight on Sunday to reach an agreement.

According to Fri Fagbevegelse, 447 members from Menzies in Oslo and Aviator in Bergen are set to strike first. This includes 364 members at Oslo Airport and 83 members at Bergen Airport, as reported by NRK.

Dag-Einar Sivertsen, the lead negotiator for Fellesforbundet, mentioned that they are facing a busy weekend if they are to avoid a strike. “The parties were far apart when we left negotiations in April, so I would say there is a significant risk of a strike among our members in the aviation agreement,” Sivertsen told Fri Fagbevegelse.

NHO Luftfart has not commented on the status other than to acknowledge that the gap between the parties is significant enough to require the mediator’s assistance.

Fellesforbundet represents over 2,000 airport employees, including aircraft technicians, inspectors, planners, baggage handlers, and cleaning personnel. The main sticking points in the negotiations have been issues related to sick pay and pensions.

The outcome of the mediation will determine whether air traffic at Norway’s two largest airports will be affected by a strike starting Monday.


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