Italian airports register some 75 to 90% fewer passengers in February 2021, while cargo traffic jumps at Malpensa


The number of passengers in the main Italian airports continues to be low in February 2021, especially on international and intercontinental flights.

This is in strong contrast to the goods that see Milan Malpensa (MXP) with record numbers – partly due to the transfer of DHL from Orio al Serio (BGY) and to the strong growth of e-commerce with the opening of new DHL, Amazon Air and UPS flights – and partly due to the concentration of cargo flights (on passenger aircraft) at the main airports given the absence of intercontinental passenger traffic.

Here are the official data for February 2021:


Malpensa 202,317 (-87.7%)
Linate 140,886 (-74.8%)
Orio 69,618 (-91.1%)
Fiumicino 344,631 (-85.7%)

Total 1,384,741 (-87.4%)


Malpensa 53,247.8 (+41.1%)
Orio 2,293.6 (-73.4%)
Fiumicino 6,598.3 (-37.9%)

Total 74,012.3 (+3.6%)


Malpensa 4,462 (-69.3%)
Orio 941 (-86.4%)
Linate 1,352 (-80.2%)
Fiumicino 4,025 (-79%)

Total 19,008 (-79.7%)


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