Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges Airports commemorate Brussels attacks


Tomorrow the management and staff of Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges International Airport will commemorated the attacks on Brussels airport last year.

Both Flemish airports handled many extra flights after the terrorist attacks, leading to some 20.000 additional passengers at Antwerp International Airport and 100.000 additional passengers at Ostend-Bruges International. Both airports were actively involved in the so called “rescue team”. The sudden increase in air traffic, passenger numbers and luggage treatment represented an organizational challenge.

Marcel Buelens, CEO of Antwerp International Airport and Ostend-Bruges International Airport declared:

The entire team of both airports was, like many others, deeply shocked by the attacks last year. The terrible events in Brussels had immediate consequences for our staff. It has been an honour to help our colleagues from Brussels Airport and the affected airlines by ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience from our airports.


The increased safety and security measures have taught us many practical lessons. Lessons which we have been integrated into the restructuring of our terminals in order to ensure a pleasant and foremost safe journey.


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