Ryanair flight from Manchester to Tenerife diverts to Porto Santo over unruly passengers


On 18 September, Ryanair operated a Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 (registered EI-HMT) between Manchester, United Kingdom and Tenerife South, Spain. Flight FR4332 departed with a delay of over two hours.

During the flight, some passengers started to disturb the flight. One passenger, continuously arguing with the cabin crew, was so “loaded” that he urinated on a seat.

The crew tried to reason the passengers but they captain was forced to divert the aircraft to the island of Porto Santo, Portugal to remove the unruly (and drunk) passengers.

The passengers were met by local police officers.

A few hours later, the aircraft finally departed Tenerife, where it landed with a delay of just less than 4 hours.

According to an anonymous passenger, the flight was delayed at Manchester Airport so there was more drinking time: “Usually, when you get on a delayed flight, the first thing you hear is the captain and cabin crew welcoming you on board and apologizing for the delay.

But straight away the first announcement on the system was “anyone found drinking their own alcohol or smoking in the toilets will be dismissed from the plane and if it is necessery, we will divert the aricraft.”” 

Full story: Passengers hauled off Ryanair flight after ‘wild’ drunk man ‘urinates on plane seat’ (Mirror.co.uk)


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