Drunk passenger tries in mid-flight to open door of Ryanair flight from London to Kaunas


A passenger wreaked havoc on Ryanair flight FR2144 from London Luton to Kaunas, Lithuania, on 17 August. Visibly drunk, the man was stopped by the other passengers, who tied him to his seat.

Before boarding the plane (a Boeing 737-800 registered SP-RKI), the passenger had purchased alcohol from Duty-Free at Luton Airport, London. He then consumed it on board the aircraft. Visibly in an advanced state of intoxication, he quickly showed signs of agitation. The flight attendants asked him to stop drinking and calm down.

He then became aggressive. The scene was captured by another passenger who posted the video on TikTok before deleting it. She explained that the man had even tried to leave the plane in mid-flight. “We left him alone three times, but he kept getting up and threatening people,” she adds.

Ultimately, the passengers themselves overpowered the tipsy individual and secured him to his seat using the seat belts.

Source: The Mirror


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