First Austrian Airlines Embraer already deployed for one week

• VIDEO: Austrian Airlines and Embraer representatives welcome passengers to the initial flight:
• More than 2,000 passengers to six destinations in five countries within the first seven days
• Almost new Embraer jets replace the Fokker fleet: passengers enjoy greater traveling comfort
One week ago the first Embraer 195 of Austrian Airlines took office on its flight OS 177 to Stuttgart. Robert Heusmann, Austrian Project Manager Embraer Integration, Rudolf Buchsteiner, aircraft captain and head of the Embraer fleet along with Mathieu Duquesnoy, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Europe, Middle East & Africa at Embraer Commercial Aviation, welcomed the passengers at Vienna Airport. In the last seven days the Embraer jet with the name “Central Europe“ was deployed for up to six flights daily to six destinations in five countries, transporting more than 2,000 passengers safely and reliably to their travel destinations.By the end of 2017, Austria’s national carrier will integrate a total of 17 Embraer aircraft to gradually replace 21 Fokker planes. The Embraer jets consume about 18 percent less fuel per aircraft seat than the Fokker, and are thus much more environmentally compatible. The fleet renewal program also enhances travel comfort: The cabin equipped with a two-by-two-seating is particularly spacious thanks to its ergonomic design, thus offering passengers a feeling of enjoying more space.

The Embraer jets have an average age of four years, providing room for 120 passengers. The list price of an Embraer jet is about USD 52 million.

Austrian Airlines Embraer195


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