Korean Air and Malaysia Airlines flights disrupted by pressurisation issues



Korean Air Flight Returns Due to Sudden Depressurisation

On 22 June, a Korean Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 registered HL8352 operating flight KE189 to Taichung (Taiwan) had to return to Seoul Incheon Airport after experiencing a sudden depressurisation 50 minutes after takeoff. Out of the 133 passengers, 19 were hospitalised with ear pain and nosebleeds, though no serious injuries were reported.

Both the airline and the transport ministry are investigating the cause, and South Korea’s 11 airlines have been ordered to inspect the pressurisation systems in their 400 aircraft.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Return

Separately, on 24 June, a Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-200 registered 9H-MTW operating flight MH780 to Bangkok returned to Kuala Lumpur on Monday due to a pressurisation issue. The pilots performed an emergency descent, although the plane had not reached 8,000 feet and oxygen masks were not deployed. The flight carried 164 passengers and 12 crew members. An investigation is ongoing.


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