Iberia app allows to scan hand luggage to check if it will be accepted

  • A new function of the Iberia app enables customers to check the dimensions of their hand luggage instantly with the phone camera.
  • The Iberia app also allows customers to block a reservation, scan the credit card to complete a purchase transaction, issue boarding passes, or download any of 7,000 international publications to enjoy on board of Iberia flights, amongst many more

Iberia has added a new function to its smartphone app that enables customers to use their phones to check that the dimensions of their carry-on luggage are within the allowable limits.

After a quick scan with the phone, the app will instantly tell whether the bag can be carried on board or it must be checked-in.

This function, available for iOs devices, was developed using libraries dedicated to ARKit augmented reality.

Almost everything is possible with the app

Iberia’s app allows customers to manage their travel simply and easily, from  planning the trip to buying tickets, reserving a seat, and obtaining the boarding pass, plus such additional functions as:

  • The option to block a reservation for 24 or 72 hours at a minimal cost which is refunded when the ticket purchase is formalised via the Iberia app or the iberia.com website.
  • Scanning the credit card to fill automatically the data (name, surname, card number, expiry date, etc.) when making a purchase.
  • Adding trips to the personal phone calendar by simply clicking on “add”. That way all details are safely recorded.
  • Accessing the Press Reader to choose amongst more than 7,000 publications from around the world that can be downloaded to enjoy during the flight.
  • In the case of members of Iberia Plus, all their data are in plain sight: Avios, Elite points, number of flights made, Avios needed to reach the next level, point balances and movements, contact telephone number, Iberia Plus programme partners, and, starting today for Iberia Plus members:
    • My Subscriptions: here the customer can select the information he wants to receive from Iberia.
    • My Travel Documents: here the customer can store her document information,  APIs, etc., to save time in filling out forms.
  • Make hotel or car rental reservations, and directly access personalised travel guides. The Iberia app also offers information about events and shows taking place during a stay at a destination, to help the customer to make plans.

The Iberia app in figures

  • 700,000 active users, with an annual growth rate of some 20%.
  • 479,000 apps downloaded to Android devices and 225,000 to i-phones.
  • An average of 100,000 new installations each month, and monthly growth of some 11%.
  • One-third of all enquiries made to Iberia now come through smart phones.

Madrid, 8 May 2019


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