Enhancements made to ANA check-In kiosks for seamless travel


All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and only 5-Star airline, has announced new enhancements to its domestic self-service check-in kiosks that will allow through check-in for passengers from domestic to international flights. This makes ANA the first airline in Japan to introduce passport readers to its domestic check-in kiosks.

Through this enhancement, passengers on an ANA domestic flight connecting to an ANA international flight will only need to check-in once for the entire trip. The new machines can read passengers’ passport information and print both the domestic and the international boarding passes, significantly increasing customer convenience and efficiency at local Japan airports. ANA is aiming to upgrade the existing machines in all 50 airports ANA flies to domestically by the end of October. The first batch will be installed at Hiroshima Airport and is scheduled to start operations from the beginning of July.

Passengers who have bought tickets with fares such as the Experience Japan fare, who for the time being have to check-in for domestic flights at a counter, will also be able to check-in using the enhanced check-in kiosks.

“We are very excited about the technological upgrades to ANA’s capabilities and services for our international traveling customers,” said Shigeru Hattori, Senior Vice President, ANA Airport Center. “Our goal is to make traveling as convenient and seamless as possible for our passengers. The benefits of this change go far in doing that.”

To help Japan reach 40 million tourists by 2020, ANA is continuing to enhance its airport services and provide a faster travel experience. Its check-in kiosks provide a menu available in five languages; Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean, to ease the check-in process, and from June 28, 2018, ANA introduced automated baggage check-in at Fukuoka Airport. This will be the third airport to have these machines and provide passengers convenient check-in.

ANA will continue contributing to increasing tourism travel to Japan by providing all passengers a fast and seamless travel experience.

Schedule for airports introducing enhanced self-service check-in machine

Hiroshima, Sapporo (New Chitose), Osaka (Itami), Sendai, Osaka(Kansai), Komatsu, Fukuoka, Toyama, Niigata, Matsuyama, Okayama

Kagoshima, Akita, Takamatsu, Tokyo (Haneda), Kumamoto, Iwakuni, Kochi, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Yonago, Hakodate

Osaka (Kobe), Shonai, Tottori, Yamaguchiube, Ishigaki, Oita, Tokushima, Asahikawa, Saga, Kushiro, Tokyo (Narita), Rishiri, Okinawa (Naha), Odate Noshiro, Miyako, Memanbetsu, Noto, Hagi Iwami

Nemuro Nakashibetsu, Wakkanai, Gotofukue, Okhotsk Monbetsu, Hachijojima, Aomori, Shizuoka, Fukushima, Tsushima, Nagoya (Chubu)


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