Cancellation of Transavia flights extended until 6 May (in France until 3 May)


Transavia has decided to cancel all scheduled flights until May 6. The airline previously announced that it would not be running scheduled flights until April 15; this period has been extended.

The increasing restrictions and measures from the Netherlands and the countries of destinations because of COVID-19 impose more and more restrictions on operations. Since this created uncertainty, Transavia has decided to provide clarity to its passengers and partners in the long term for a longer period of time.

In order to give passengers extra time in this uncertain period, they can rebook their tickets with departure date up to and including 31 May free of charge to a later time and another destination.

Transavia will continue to monitor weekly whether it is necessary to extend this period. Passengers are informed about this via email and website and receive a voucher equal to the value of their trip in case of cancellation of flights.

Flight operations for the repatriation of stranded passengers will continue where necessary.

Schiphol, March 30, 2020

Note: In France, Transavia flights are cancelled until 3 May.

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