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Greenpeace urges Dutch Government to suspend KLM’s €3.4 billion state aid

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Greenpeace threatens to go to court over the €3.4 billion state aid to Dutch flag carrier KLM. The non-governmental environmental organisation demands the Dutch government to use to money for other more environmental friendly purposes. “KLM is a major polluter. Hence, the support package must be cancelled. If the government doesn’t change its plans, we will go the court,” Greenpeace threatened in a statement.

KLM emits more CO2 than the largest coal-fired power station in The Netherlands, Greenpeace says: “we want the government to impose a maximum number of megatonnes of CO2 emissions on KLM each year. Right now, the airline doesn’t have a serious climate plan. Reducing the airline’s CO2 footprint will be impossible, therefore the number of flights will have to be reduced considerably. Starting with the cancellation of unnecessary short-haul flights to, for example, Brussels or Paris.

The support package is also unfair as those billions will mainly benefit the airline’s investors, while the Dutch citizens bear the costs. KLM is now being kept afloat for the time being, but will not be made future-proof as thousands of employees are currently being dismissed. It’s a bad thing for the climate, nature and health, but also for the employees who are left in vain for the future.

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